09:00 Uhr

Eat out

Helen McMillan, a leading restaurateur of our state, evaluates new restaurants.
10:00 Uhr


Get to know the latest trends of fashion in our new show.
5:00 Uhr

Train hard

New show devoted to sports and trainings will go live this Saturday.
11:00 Uhr


The legendary intellectual show will test the knowledge of your relationships.
18:00 Uhr


In this show our anchors and experts will speak about children’s diseases.
17:00 Uhr


Our anchor and technical expert William Reynolds will compare new models of HTC and LG smartphones.

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Right now

18:00 Uhr


Im Rahmen der DANCE-EXPLOSION-Tour sind wir gemeinsam mit der UFA TALENTBASE und Streetbeat-Germany in

Equitana 2019

Vom 9. bis 17. März verwandelte sich das Essener Messegelände neun Tage lang in


Almost all modern citizens start their day from checking the weather outside. Some do it by turning on their tablets or smartphones and searching for the weather forecast via Google. But what should do those who doesn’t have such a possibility?
Due to the necessity of being informed about the weather almost 24/7, we have extended our airtime to give you the latest information on the world weather.

Even if you are interested only in the weather forecast of your own city or town, we got you covered. From now on, you can freely receive all the information you need about weather conditions in the place of your residence just by turning on the TV.
If you wish to stay informed about both weather and news, our recently designed mobile application is just what you need!


20:00 Uhr

Travel TV Show: Exploring Europe

Check out the pilot episode of a brand new traveling
07:00 Uhr

Tropical Fauna

Bill White explores the Brazilian forests to find the habitat
10:00 AM

Secrets of Trading Centers

Jake Adams visits „Downtown Emporium“ in Seattle to…